About Parador


Parador Philosophy

Parador combines technology and art to produce high quality flooring products. These products embrace the latest technology to create floors that are artistic and creative in design and deliver amazing performance on a functional level.
Our living spaces are an expression of our individual attitude to life and of our personal tastes. With its innovative designs Parador sets an exciting new threshold to meet these demands, where flooring is not only functional, but it becomes a major role player in developing the complete design experience.

Laminate Flooring

Parador laminate flooring, as opposed to engineered wood and solid wood flooring, offers high wear resilience and easy maintenance, which also makes it suitable for heavy duty demands in high traffic areas.

The Parador design and high quality print reproduction produces a highly realistic finish that’s a practical and a very valuable alternative to real wood floors.

Laminate flooring from Parador is highly acclaimed in terms of its reproduction expertise due to the company’s wealth of experience with wood and the latest technical expertise in transforming real wood images into highly authentic interpretations of high quality timbers. What’s more, imaginative graphic motifs and decors produced for Parador by a team of highly respected international designers and architects offers some fascinating new insights into design of floor surfaces. Parador has won numerous highly prestigious international design awards including a number of Red Dot awards.

Parador Showroom

You are invited to visit our showroom where we display over 30 different Parador colours and designs of laminate that we offer from our South African Collection.
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An image of the Parador Showroom Entrance
An image of our Parador Showroom Display
An image of our Parador Showroom Display