Parador Collection

Parador laminate flooring collection offered in South Africa comprises products that are specifically designed for use in higher temperature, higher humidity climates. Generally we have selected products that have board swell rates of 10% or lower as these are known to perform well in climates such as South Africa.

Board swell rates higher than 12% will most likely give trouble in the harsh South African climate and we recommend that you review the Technical Section in this web site where this important factor is dealt with in greater detail.

The Parador collection that we offer as standard stock product comprises 7 ranges with another 4 available as special imports.

Standard South African ranges comprise:

  • Basic 400V Range
  • Classic 1050 range
  • Trendtime 1
  • Trendtime 2
  • Trendtime 4
  • Trendtime 6
  • Trendtime 8

Special Import ranges

  • Edition 1
  • New Classics
  • Identity

Each range is unique in its own way and offers feature benefits as outlined in the introduction to each individual section.