Parador Guarantee Policy

  1. Application area, concluding the contract:
    1. With the conclusion of a guarantee contract in accordance with Point 2 of these General Conditions of Guarantee below, these become part of the contract between Parador GmbH & Co. KG, Millenkamp – 8, 48653 Coesfeld /Germany (henceforth referred to as “Parador”) and the guarantee holder. Parador provides guarantee services based exclusively on these conditions of guarantee.
    2. The guarantee information featured on the website ( contain a request from Parador to the potential party entitled to a guarantee to submit a contractual offer. The party entitled to a guarantee submits its offer to substantiate the guarantee on the web page by entering all the details necessary to substantiate the guarantee contract, particularly their first name and surname, their full address, their email address, the Parador product acquired by them and the date of purchase on the online form provided and returns the filled out form to Parador electronically over the Internet.
    3. Parador retains the right to reject the contractual declaration contained in the filled out form.
    4. Parador accepts the contractual declaration by sending a separate message with the guarantee certificate to the party entitled to a guarantee by email. For the rest, as a matter of principle, messages from Parador, according to which the contractual declaration is accepted and/or rejected, are sent by email.
    5. Once the message is received by the party entitled to a guarantee, a guarantee contract is established according to these conditions.
  2. Scope of the guarantee
    The Parador guarantee applies irrespective of any warranty claims from the party entitled to a guarantee.

    1. The products manufactured by Parador are produced under strict quality controls and put into circulation. Any utilization from this guarantee requires the presentation of the guarantee certificate issued by Parador according to the regulations of 1 above and the presentation of the original sales receipt when enforcing the claim under guarantee against Parador as well as the intended use of the products in the household sector of Categories 21, 22 and 23, and in commercially used areas of Category 31 (Laminate Classic 1030), 32 (Laminate Classic 1040, Laminate Classic 1050, Laminate Trendtime 1-6) and 34 (Laminate Classic 1060) according to EN13329, irrespective of the further requirements of the conditions of guarantee below.
    2. For product parts incurring damage that diminish their function, which can be proven to be attributed to processing errors in the factory, Parador provides a replacement free of charge within the guarantee period in accordance with 3 below and according to the other requirements of these conditions of guarantee.
    3. Excluded from the guarantee are purely optical impairments, particularly those relating to ageing and/or utilization, such as colour differences, joints or surface changes, plus deformations caused by climate fluctuations and standard wear. For the rest, reference is made in particular to the following technical requirements and guarantee preconditions e.g. according to clause 5.
    4. Parador's guarantee extends, at Parador's choice, to the repair of the product manufactured by Parador or the supply of replacement material to the same value from Parador's current range for the damaged places to the party entitled to a guarantee through the respective Parador dealer. If replacement material of the same value is not or no longer available, in a sufficient quantity, Parador's guarantee is limited to the supply of similar replacement material.
    5. Insofar as nothing is stated above to the contrary, further claims, for whatever legal reason, are excluded from the guarantee. Parador is not liable in particular for downtime, operational standstill, decrease in value, lost profit or other material damage caused by faulty material belonging to the party entitled to a guarantee and / or third parties or other consequential and financial losses. Any liability on the part of Parador arising from product liability remains unaffected by this.
    6. Any legal rights or contractual rights held by the party entitled to a guarantee against third parties are not limited with these conditions of guarantee.
  3. Guarantee period
    1. The guarantee period for the product Parador Laminate Trendtime 1 is for private domestic areas 25 years, for commercially used areas 5 years. It begins on the date that the product is purchased.
    2. The right to a guarantee requires, besides an existing guarantee contract, that the guarantee case is triggered within the guarantee period.
    3. The guarantee lapses automatically if, with regard to the product, any renovation or a comparable, substance-impairing and/or influencing action was carried out after installing or laying the product.
    4. The total period of the guarantee is neither extended by the utilization of performances under guarantee, nor is a new guarantee period established for replaced and / or repaired parts.
  4. Party entitled to a guarantee
    The party entitled to a guarantee is the buyer of the product, evidenced by this guarantee certificate along with the receipt. Parador's guarantee is only available to the party entitled to a guarantee taking Parador's conditions of guarantee into account, irrespective of any further statutory warranty claims to which they are entitled e.g. against a specialist installation company and/or against the seller. Parador satisfies the party entitled to a guarantee thus registered and proven with releasing effect.
  5. Technical requirement and guarantee precondition
    1. A claim under guarantee against Parador requires, moreover, that the technical requirements and/or other guarantee preconditions set out below are complied with, observed and fulfilled.
      1. The party entitled to a guarantee undertakes to observe the planning, assembly and care instructions prescribed by Parador, as well as the relevant, acknowledged standards and rules of technology and the rules of architecture when using the products. Installation instructions are enclosed with the product as a matter of principle. If these installation instructions are missing and/or incomplete, the party entitled to a guarantee is obliged to request installation instructions from their dealer or directly from Parador before starting to lay/process the product.
      2. The substructure must be suitable according to Parador's installation instructions and according to Parador's product information and must meet the generally acknowledged rules of technology and architecture.
      3. The product must be used in compliance with the normal climate conditions, i.e. product impairments due to too low and / or too high a level of humidity must be excluded.
      4. The products must not be misused. Parador's cleaning and care instructions must be complied with. Unauthorized and/or incompatible care products must not be used.
    2. Damage that occurs and/or occurred due to faulty assembly, installation, care and/or repairs, misuse, processing parts from other systems and using unauthorized care products, is also not covered by the guarantee and will not be replaced. The same applies if the products were and/or are used for areas other than those envisaged in these conditions of guarantee, as well as for cases of force majeure, damage from special events (such as fire, water) and for damage caused by outside forces, use-related wear or assembly defects.
  6. Obligations
    1. In the event of a guarantee case, the responsible dealer or Parador shall be immediately notified in writing, at the latest within a period of 14 days starting from when the party entitled to a guarantee discovered the critical facts for the guarantee case, together with the guarantee certificate and the sales receipt.

      These claims can be lodged with:

      FloorsEtc (Pty) Ltd., P.O. Box 69723, Bryanston 2021

      Parador GmbH & Co. KG. Millenkamp 7-8, 48653 Coesfeld, Germany

      As part of submitting the contractual offer (see Clause 2 above), the party entitled to a guarantee must specify all the details necessary for the establishment of the guarantee contract fully and truthfully. Parador should be immediately advised of any changes and/or corrections.

    2. Before carrying out repairs, Parador shall be given the opportunity to inspect the damage, either by itself or by an expert. Any components causing damage and/or relevant to the damage shall be kept and put at Parador's disposal on request for inspection purposes.
    3. In any event, Parador shall be given the opportunity to rectify damage incurred itself or by third parties.
    4. With the registration of the guarantee case, the party entitled to a guarantee assures that the product was assembled/laid according to the rules of architecture when put into use and was accepted by them without reservation as well as being actually ready for acceptance. At Parador's request, relevant documents (order documents, invoice copies, installation plans etc.) shall be sent to Parador.
    5. If one of the above-mentioned obligations is breached, any utilization of Parador from this guarantee is excluded. This does not apply with regard to the above Points 1, 2 and 4, as long as the breach is proven to remain without influence on the establishment and/or level of the guarantee service.
  7. Regional application area of the guarantee
    These conditions of guarantee do not apply to the United States of America and Canada. Parador's valid special conditions of guarantee apply to these sales markets.
  8. Applicable law / jurisdiction
    1. German law is agreed under exclusion of the UN convention on contracts for the international sale of goods.
    2. The place of jurisdiction is the Coesfeld Register Court or the Münster District Court, as long as the party entitled to a guarantee is a trader, corporate body under public law or a special fund under public law.
    3. If individual terms of the conditions of guarantee are or become fully or party ineffective or if the contract contains a loophole, the effectiveness of the remaining terms or parts of such terms is not affected. The statutory regulations take the place of the ineffective or missing terms.
    4. Parador's data protection declaration applies in addition.